Scholastic Arts Awards-
Parents, check out the picture from our students who placed in the Scholastic Arts Award:
art museum 2014

SNACS Families-

Our new SAFETY FENCE PROJECT is now complete!!!!  We are excited to announce the installation and completion of fencing for the entire school grounds.  At this present time, the ”turn-around” area will no longer be accessible.  The City of Reno will have to inspect and permit this area before any vehicles can utilize this space.  For the parents who have previously used this space, we ask for your patience as new plans are being developed.  Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Congratulations to All of our YOUNG AUTHORS from their published book signing on February 8th.

Parents-  If you’d like to order PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS of your child from that day, please complete and return the order form, which can be picked up in the front office.

Cost is only $1.00 each!!

The Author’s Debut at Barnes & Noble was a huge success.  Thanks for all the support from our families and students!

Here is the list of this years winners (BY DIVISION):


3rd Place – Super Friends by Miss Lisa and Miss Kassidy’s class

2nd Place – Times of Joy by Miss Brenda’s class

1st Place – If I were Principal for a day by Miss Pam, Miss Allie and Miss Anmerique’s class


First through Third Grade:

3rd Place – We are all Friends by Mr. Schum’s 3rd Grade

2nd Place – My Favorite First Grade Memory by Miss Paterson’s 1st Grade Class

1st Place – The Important Things about School by Miss Bowling’s 1st & 2nd Grade Class


4th Grade Division:

3rd Place – The Haunted Horse Ranch by Kyleigh L.

2nd Place – The Apocalyptic Diary by Justice C.

1st Place – Little Monster by Lena P.


5th Grade Division:

3rd Place – The Big Problem by Grace B.

2nd Place – Zombie Chicken by Kaiden R.

1st Place – The Baconator by Aiyanna J.


6th Grade Division:

3rd Place – Double Trouble by Hannah M.

2nd Place – A Dragon Sized Cold by Hannah P.

1st Place  – The Band of Heroes by Cody C.


7th Grade Division:

3rd Place – A Tiger’s True Form by Jericho B.

2nd Place – The History of the Titanic by Skyla N.

1st Place – Poetry in Motion by Karen M.


8th Grade Division:

3rd Place – The Black Canvas by Austin T.

2nd Place – The Story of How Two Pencils Saved the World by Shyanne W.

1st Place – The Fantastic Adventure of Kitty & Dahvie by Gabby T.


*****Congratulations to all this years winners and participants!!


Parents- Please click on the link below to access the information related to Indoor and Outdoor Recess:

Cold Weather Guidelines

SNACS Community Focuses on Illness Prevention

Due to an increased prevalence of illness-related symptoms, SNACS administrators are implementing a new exclusion policy effective immediately.

December 10, 2012
Dear Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School & SNACS Preschool Families:
During the past two weeks, we have experienced an increased number of reports of illness-related absences in our school community.  This has led to an increase in the number of students and staff members who have been absent or sent home due to various symptoms including: sore throat, fever, coughing, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.  We are currently working with the Washoe County Health District (WCHD) and Washoe County School District (WCSD) to determine the cause(s).  This means we are or will be contacting you if your child has been absent recently.
Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School has been working with the WCSD and the WCHD on prevention measures.  We continue to collaborate with health officials to implement preventative measures such as extra cleaning and exclusion of sick students and staff members at the school.  In addition, school officials will communicate with the WCSD & WCHD on a daily basis to monitor and share information in order to prevent further spread of the virus during this time.
Recently, the WCHD met with WCSD officials to discuss proactive strategies for halting the spread of any illnesses.  The following recommendations for exclusion of students and staff at Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School are immediately in effect:
  1. Any student or staff member who is experiencing symptoms of stomach illness, with or without fever, must be excluded from school or work for 24 hours after the symptoms are resolved and may not be sent back to class or back to work prior to that time.
  2. Stomach symptoms include: nausea, stomach ache, stomach cramps, or stomach pain, with or without fever.
  3. Any student or staff member who vomits or has diarrhea, with or without fever, must be excluded from work or class for 72 hours after the symptom resolves.
  4. Any student or staff member who has a fever and any combination of any other symptoms such as sore throat, chills, coughing, headaches must be excluded from work or class for 24 hours after the fever has subsided without the use of fever-reducing medication.
Please contact the office to notify us of your child’s specific symptoms if they are absent.  Again, this exclusion policy is in place for the health and safety of all of our students and staff members in the school community. If you have any questions, please call SNACS at 677-4500.  You can also visit our website for information as it becomes available @
Finally, the Washoe County Health Department has recommended the Winter Festival, which was originally scheduled for December 12, 2012, be cancelled due the current illnesses occurring.  We will keep you informed if we are able to reschedule the event for another time.  We do wish you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.
Warm Wishes,
Kimberly Regan Schoenfeldt, Ed.D.
Executive Director

SNACS featured in the National School Public Relations Organization for School Culture Embedded in Customer Service!

What Can Public Schools Learn about Marketing from Charter and Private Schools?
Steve Mulvenon, Ph.D.By Steve Mulvenon, Ph.D., NSPRA consultant, Sparks, Nev.
This month’s Trend Tracker helps you answer the question: “Why should parents send their children to us?” as a follow-up to our June issue on the status of the voucher movement and the growth of charter schools. It outlines lessons that can be learned about branding and marketing from charter and private schools and offers suggestions for strengthening your efforts to attract and retain students.
Click the link to read the entire article:
Parents and Friends Needed!
SNACS is currently seeking qualified volunteers to help in our playground beautification project.  There are several ways we are looking to improve our play area so children have many outdoor options.  We are hoping to incorporate an outdoor amphitheatre (with shade), build a new extended landscape field (for running and playing with balls), build a recycled greenhouse and garden area complete with composting, including art and artifacts to make the space cozy, adding cushioned ground cover, and multiple cozy areas that help turn our play area into a thriving outdoor envirolab.  We are looking for folks to help in many areas including: calling for donations and seeking sponsor, grant writing, move rocks, dig dirt, paint some walls, clear up trash, plant trees and other foliage, secure recycled windows, build various learning structures, and creating benches and shade areas.  If you are interesting in helping create this enviornoment for our children to play, please contact the front office.  We are securing bids for some of the “big work” but need families interested in helping. Thanks in advance for making our small school community a place for children to play and grow!
SNACS Golf Tournament
The first Annual SNACS Golf Tournament was held on September 9th.  The day was filled with great fun, food, and golf!  Thanks to our sponsors and all particiapants attending.  Another tournement is underway sometime in late spring.
Welcome back McMullin Studios.  We will have another great year with music, dance, art, and theater!

Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School (SNACS) Press Releases and Announcements

SNOW Day Procedures Reminders
Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School follows the Washoe County School District when it comes to snow days and delayed starts.  In the event a 1 hour delayed start, morning kindergarten reports as scheduled.  In the event of a 2 hour delay, morning kindergarten is cancelled.  In the event a 2 hour delayed start is called on an early release day, school is consequently cancelled.  In the event of any delayed start or snow day, Educare is cancelled.  SNACS Preschool will make a determination based on weather in the area, emergency services available, and in conjunction with other local preschools including TMCC.  For more information related to snow and inclement weather days, please see WCSD.
Any  Snow/inclement weather day in the Reno/Sparks area – WCSD will  activate the WCSD emergency operations center to maintain situational  awareness throughout all facets of the school district.  Click the WCSD link for more information.
SNACS Preschool Awarded NAEYC Accreditation!
The SNACS Preschool Team, students, and families are excited to be awarded the NAEYC Accreditation.  Being accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children is the Gold Stamp of Approval on the program and practices.  SNACS Preschool Staff has worked to ensure all 400 criteria in 1o categories were implemented in the program. The 10 areas examined include: Relationships, Curriculum, Teaching, Assessments, Health, Teachers, Families, Community, Environment, and Leadership.  Becoming accredited through NAEYC is one of the first formal steps in establishing a framework for a P-3 system with the partnering Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School.  The SNACS Preschool Staff will be recognized for their achievement at the local Reno Association for the Education of Young Children on December 1st.  The achievement shows committment to educating young children in a developmentally appriate practice.  Children at SNACS Preschool are learning through play and loving it!  SNACS Preschool staff members are doing what is right for young children.  Help us celebrate young children and those who love working with young children!  Congratulations SNACS Preschool!
SNACS Participates in Bully Prevention and Awareness Program
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and communities nationwide are urged to plan activities.  SNACS staff members were trained in bullying awareness and specific prevention techniques to be implemented in a school wide anti-bully campaign.  At SNACS, staff members are working to build a collective commitment between and among students, families, staff members and other educational stakeholders to prevent bullying.  There is a no-tolerance policy at SNACS as well as a series of intervention strategies used to teach appropriate behaviors and skills.  SNACS promotes a respectful learning environment where all students and staff are valued and appreciated.  We want to ensure every member of the community feels safe.
SNACS Bully Prevention and Awareness Program is parallel with the Positive Behavior Supports system.  Both are components of the SNACS School Safety and Positive Discipline Plans.
Other organizations take an active role in the national movement against bullying which includes using PACER resources. PACER has sponsored this event since 2006, when it was a one week event in October and in 2010 evolved to the entire month of October.  During the event—and throughout the year—you are encouraged to use the creative resources here to engage, educate, and inspire others to join the movement. For more information please see
SNACS Test Scores Raise the Bar in Education!
On August 15th, the Nevada Departent of Education announced school achievement under the No Child Left Behind Accountability Act (NCLB).  SNACS administrators are proud to concur that SNACS did make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the 8th consecutive year in which AYP has been part of accountability!  While some schools across the nation struggle to attain this status as the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) increases, SNACS continues to move forward in reaching the new AMO during the 2011-2012 school year.
The AMO target for the 2010-2011 school year was 63.8% in English/Language Arts and 65.9% in Math.  SNACS teachers worked diligently with students using data driven decision making and Personal Learning Plans to tailor educational efforts for individualized learning.  Additionally, SNACS teachers volunteered to work an extra 90 hours per year by lengthening the already extended school day program by another 30 minutes each day (which was already extended by 15 minutes each day).  This time is used in what SNACS has coined “Extended Day Labs” where the whole school focuses on a specific curricular area based on ability grouping.  Students, based on their individualized ability in a given content area either get enrichiment or remediation to target specific skills.
The SNACS Model is key to helping children reach their maximum potential as described by Kimberly Regan Schoenfeldt, Executive Director:  “Every element contributes to student’s overall success.  Our staff works as a team to carefully articulate what we do and how we do it in order to ensure every child has the platform to leap to their highest abilities and soar toward success.  We work with families as a unit and students as individuals to “bring the small school community back to the neighborhood”.  In times of economic hardship, we are blessed to work with a diverse group of people who want to succeed.   Our school provides a light for some children and their families who are faced with difficult situations.  We provide a positive school culture that thrives on learning and positive celebrations.  Our staff provides a variety of opportunties for students to achieve and excel to their highest potentials.  Families look to us for a small school community and we provide that through individualized learning, small ability groups,  Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound  (ELOB) days, parent volunteerism, and events that are traditions unique to our school.  In this school everything counts,  it is a culmination of an abundance of small success that define our overall success.”
Victor Schoenfeldt, Education Director reports, “We worked hard over the summer to make site improvements including new blinds, paint, carpet, and baseboard (which was personally made by Mr. Schoenfeldt).  This week teachers returned to work and are focused on several areas for improving opportunities for student success such as: using MAPs and Renaissance Data in decision making; the new Common Core Standards with is the national standards we are implementing; Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) which is a new program that formalizes our positive reinforcement system; and planning for the start of a very exciting school year.  All staff can feel the excitement of seeing children and their families on Monday morning.  While the AMO is increasing to 75.9% for ELA and 77.2% for Mathematics, we are excited and ready to rise to the challenge.  We are the longest running elementary/middle charter school in the state with a great track record.  This isn’t happenstance, our success is a culmination of a multifaceted approach to education.”
Click the link to read the NDE Press Release and list of schools and the associated NCLB achievement rating:
Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School Enrollment Open
SNACS is accepting enrollment for the 2012-2013 School Year.  Enrollment space is limited and is currently on a first come, first serve basis.  Stop by the office between 8:00-3:00 or call for an appointment.
Feel free to ask about the adjoinging preschool where they are accepting enrollment for young children from babies through kindergarten.
SNACS Performing and Visual Arts (SNACS PVA) plans underway!

SNACS currently requested people interested in helping establish an ARTS High School!

2011-2012 School Year Information
SNACS Students in 1st through 8th grade start August 22 at 8:00
SNACS Kindergarten students will be contacted for a time to conference with the teacher during the week of August 22nd.  School for kindergarten starts August 29th.

Videocast News – Daily newscast at SNACS

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